A Bit About Me..

Mick Rice, Athenry, Co. Galway, Ireland.

I’m a club-runner with a taste for ultramarathons in particular. My ‘home’ ultramarathon is the ‘Connemara Ultramarathon’ (www.connemarathon.com) in Galway (39.3 mile, road) to which I look forward with childish enthusiasm each year and which I believe is one of the best races of it’s kind in the world. My log contains race results over distances from 400m to 100 miles and I’ve been lucky enough to take part in events both at home and in England, Germany, France, Italy and the USA.

I’m happiest when I’m on the road for a few miles with friends and am a firm believer that the process matters a whole lot more than the result.

Born in Dublin, Ireland but currently living in Athenry, Co. Galway, Ireland.


7 thoughts on “A Bit About Me..

  1. Mike – I’m enjoying reading your blog hear in the States (Hoover, Alabama, USA). Been to Dublin once to run the marathon and it was beautiful (the city, not so much the marathon – you can fall apart in any marathon!). I, like you, love ultras, and although I’ve done my share on the road, I much prefer the solitude of the wooded trail. Run long and strong. You keep writing and I’ll keep reading – Al

    1. Al – Thanks very much for the message. I’m glad you enjoyed Dublin – it’s my home town – and I know excactly what you mean about the possibility of any particular marathon going wrong. I ran London in 2002 and had a disaster. I just had to go back once more to put the matter to rights and thankfully had the opportunity to do that in 2005. Thanks for reading and I’ll certainly keep writing,



  2. Mick Hanney

    I can’t believe I only discovered your blog now Mick. A pleasure to read. The miles I ran in your company in Connemara were a highlight of my year.

  3. Noel Preston

    Hi Mick, I’m a good friend of your sister Olga and her husband Ty. I have a mobile home up in Port Oriel and we hang out together at weekends. I caught the running bug in July last year and have ran a 5 mile and four 10k races and am currently training for my first marathon in Dublin next month. I’ve just been off the phone to Ty and he was telling me about you so looked you up and looking forward to reading the archives of your blog. I managed to get a pair of runners on Ty this year and he has been training with me at weekends and I got him to enter his first race last saturday. It was a 12.5km run and he did it in a nice 1hr 12 mins. Regards Noel.

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