Ifs, Buts and Maybes…



My mind is unsettled and the quality of my running ebbs and flows. Racing ambitions float around my head changing in size and shape as they bounce around. Alternating between delusional optimism and black pessimism, it gets hard to tell up from down. There are days when I believe I can see clearly what I’d like to do and then there are others when I know for sure that it’s all a ball of smoke.

This has been going on for a couple of years without any real sign of me getting a grip. The occasional good race and quite a lot of limping provide very little blogging material.

Despite the changing psychological weather, I’ve made it out the door to run more often than I’ve stayed on the couch and have been thankful for that fact. I’m certainly counting this as a good thing. Even though the conditions change from day to day, longer term trends can become apparent. Of late, I’ve been training well and moaning less. My friends are counting this as a good thing.

As a result of less limping and more running, ambition is gaining the upper hand and I’ve been telling anyone careless enough to ask that I’ll run another ultra in the summer.

Of course the one that fascinates me the most is the Connemara 100. Having been around that track four times I’m drawn to the event like a moth to a flame.

If I don’t hit another injury, if I can keep building mileage, if my wife doesn’t leave me, if I can find more gym time, if…..

I’d love to be there in August.


7 thoughts on “Ifs, Buts and Maybes…

  1. niamh

    Hah a new post!
    Life’s a ball of smoke.Stay in the centre of it .That’s where the endorphins live.
    Run it.When the smoke clears you’ll know where the finish line is.

  2. Maciek

    I hope to be there too, would be nice to meet you there. at the moment my back is bad….off from work, waiting for MRA, hopefully nothing serious and I will be able to be back running and meet you in Connemara100 once again!!!!:)

  3. Keith S

    Good to see a post , Niamh above nails it, get out there , run it and stay out of that head of yours. All the best from Cork.

  4. Jo F

    part of what makes Connemara100 so special is you being there M. Really hope those hairy legs get you to the start (and the finish!)

  5. Mick,just completed 101 miles in Belfast.Ive told anyone who listens…you were the man who inspired and gave me the early advice that started this journey.I owe you so much.
    Keep going,Stay well .#legend

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