The Turning of the Ring


One way to make a runner happy is to ask them if they’ve been feeling well.

When they answer ‘Yes’, just casually respond that they look like they’ve lost weight.

Job done.

Even for those of us that tend naturally towards the scrawney, we all become leaner when we’re training well. I’d almost forgotton what it was like to feel fit. I had memories of the condition, but they were faded and remote. Thankfully training has been going quite well for some weeks now; but when you’re starting back from scratch, it seems a long way back to real fitness. I can see numbers of miles accumulating in my training log, but the bare figures give only a little technical comfort. In general, I’m having to put in quite a lot more effort, than would have been usual in the past, just to keep the pace respectable. Numbers only get you so far and patience is hard to come by.

The first of two intangible signs of progress came today when I noticed that one of my rings had twisted around on my finger. For many years now, I’ve worn my late father’s wedding ring on the small finger of my right hand. It is usually an almost perfect fit. In the past it has only been when I’ve strung a number of solid training weeks together that the ring will move freely around the finger as if shaken loose. Although I’m far from fully fit, it’s a straw in the wind.

I was contemplating this piece of nonsense when a friend passed me in the office and asked, “Are you alright? You look like you’ve lost weight!”



3 thoughts on “The Turning of the Ring

  1. Vincent Murray

    Well done mick.great to see you back in action. I have been out injured myself for a while due to the dreaded plantar fasciitis.i am back running again now.easy does it.the times will come in due course and in the meantime we can enjoy the freedom of the fresh air!,Happy Christmas to you and yours..VInce,Cork.

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