Through the Back of the Wardrobe

Running Portal - Narnia Style
Running Portal – Narnia Style


There had to be a point where I stopped thinking that I was, ‘Trying to get back training’, and actually being ‘back training’. I believe I passed that point at about 08:00am yesterday morning. Although I really struggled to do it, I managed to finish a 14 miler yesterday morning in some good company. I was a little fragile afterwards but thankfully not broken. At this point, I have to be a big brave boy, and admit that – at least for the moment – I’m able to train again. Halfway through the run yesterday morning it dawned on me that I had re-entered ‘Running Narnia’. Where all the mad stuff I did for years is considered relatively normal. Even towards the end of the run, when I was completely out on my feet, I didn’t see any talking lions, but I knew for sure that I’d gone through the back of the wardrobe. How long I get to spend in Running Narnia is anyone’s guess, but I plan to enjoy it while it lasts.

My running schedule is about to become a little more complicated in that I will be travelling to Bangalore, India next Friday to spend ten weeks working. Having never previously been outside of Europe or the US, I have no idea how I’ll manage on the fitness front. I am assured that the place I’m staying has a fairly well equipped gym, with treadmills and a few weights. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get outside to run but only time will tell whether that’s possible. Given that I’m now able to train, I’m hoping to use my time in India to build some sort of a base of fitness, and then to train more seriously when I come home. A tentative target will be the Connemara 39.3 Ultra in March of next year. It is a fantastic race and one where I think it may be possible to improve my best finishing time of 4:28 back in 2010. It nearly broke my heart to be at the finish line this year in a non-running capacity.

Given that I haven’t raced in almost a year, I want to pin on a number once more, before I leave for Bangalore and so I’ll run a local 5km in Galway tomorrow. Until I actually finish a low key race, there’ll still be a part of me that refuses to believe it’s possible.

Onwards through the fog ( …and the odd wardrobe).


7 thoughts on “Through the Back of the Wardrobe

  1. Ger

    Congrats Mick. I’m delighted that you are back and have focused on Connemara. I’m sure the talking Lions will appear in other shapes and guises. I can only imagine your gratitude as you finished 14 miles. That’s some distance to achieve…. Peace, Ger.

  2. niamh

    A very enjoyable read once again Mick!

    Having just completed my first ever 10 mile run in the phoenix park on Saturday thanks to Mr Frank Duffy i too have fallen out the back of the wardrobe into running Narnia!

    Lash out the 5k in galway tomorrow and good luck!

    Grab a rickshaw when you get to bangalore and run like the divil’s at your back !!

  3. Time. The secret ingredient that most runners ignore when injured seems to have done the trick once more. At this stage the John Kynaston mantra of “slow and steady wins the race” is what needs to be chanted until you’re razor sharp once more.

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