“Players Only Love You When They’re Playing”



Far be it from me to invest random Fleetwood Mac lyrics with unintended meaning, but sure let’s try to do it anyway.
With all the usual caveats, running has been the love of the last fifteen years of my life.

I’ve spent way too much time over those years reading, writing, talking and generally stressing over the sport than any well-balanced person should. Many friends and acquaintances know me as ‘the guy who runs all the time’. Some of those who know me a little bit better also relate to me through running. I suppose it’s an easy conversation-starter. When I haven’t seen someone for a while, a common question on meeting again will be, “Have you done any of those mad races recently?” or just “How’s the training going?” These questions often come before enquiries about family, health, work or any other topic.

I suppose that just how the world works. People get to know you through your obsessions.
How could it be any other way?

What comes as a shock is how quickly we can move from ‘player’ to ‘former player’, or, as in my case, ‘former runner’.

I’m struggling manfully to get back on the road, but have to face the fact that it might not work. At the very least, it’s going to a long and difficult process.
It may be that I’ll eventually have to find a way to love running, while not actually being a runner.

Next Week: An insight into war and peace using the lyrics of One Direction.


3 thoughts on ““Players Only Love You When They’re Playing”

  1. I feel your pain and it comes down to boxes really, Do you want to be labelled in a box be it runner or non runner, or known simply as the great guy behind Athenry AC, the guy who gets down and dirty organising races, the guy who inspires people to run, the guy who has compassion towards others and the guy filled with creativity… id rather be that person! Looking forward to the segment on War and peace next week!!!

  2. Niamh Mc

    Very Groovey indeed!

    Why not think of it as from former lunatic extremist runner to more of an enthusiastic jogger with serious expectations of himself in the near to middle distant future!!

    Injury is a pain.I was told by a physio yesterday that i had knocked my right sacro iliac joint out of alignment and that i am not to run for a week or i will knock it out again.

    She popped it back into position and told me that the treatment next week will be pretty unpleasent.So much for my half marathon training programme for this week anyway .

    Modify, evolve, hybridise ( in your case on yer trampoline, in my case on me bike).

    Looking forward to next weeks missive !

  3. N

    You will get through this as the body is just asking you for more time to heel. You should look in to water running for a while as it will get you a lot fitter than the trampoline, you might look a little strange in the pool but rest assured it is a great work out. Check it out on YouTube.

    I’m sure your blog is like a reference book for most runners with tips and articles.

    I’m also looking forward to next week’s piece…

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