Irrational Thinking and ME

Marie H Curran

June 2011 and I was running, races waited at various stops along my chucking tracks. I was blinkered, I thought my life was full, I was running, I was happy.

Eighteen months ago I lost my past, try it, its weird.

Its now June 2013 and I no longer run. The medals prove I finished races and the memories still exist but my past is gone, lost. I don’t remember what it’s like to train for an event, to hear my feet and heart pound.

Way back when I was fighting to regain my life I sat at my kitchen table and cried, I sobbed as a child refused a treat. Until finally, I hit myself about the ear, dried the stained face and vowed to move forward. Thinking I could at least settle for contentment until happiness returned along with my past.

On Friday, April 13th 2012 I was officially…

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