Fingers of Steel

Fingers of Steel - My physio's got 'em
Fingers of Steel – My physio’s got ’em

With any long-term injury, making progress towards recovery is always a minefield of self-doubt and false dawns. For me, it hasn’t so much been a question of trying to work out what’s going on with the injury, but rather a blind thoughtless policy to plough on regardless until I manage to catch a break somewhere along the line. A good friend asked me recently how long I’d ‘keep at it’, before I resigned myself to the fact that I was completely knackered and gave up. I surprised myself with the strength of my reaction to his question. I replied I’d never give up, but in all honesty, day-to-day, it doesn’t always feel like that.

Having said all of that, I do think that I’m actually making a little progress. I’m having deep friction massage on my pubic symphsis and right adductor where it attaches to the pubic bone. Having gone through all the other options, this is where the basic problem seems to be. The fact that there appears to be quite a build up of scar tissue around the area gives the theory even more credence. Suffice to say, it’s a deeply unpleasant process. You have to grit your teeth and have faith that it’ll pay off in the long-term. After the first session, I felt like I’d been attacked with a lump hammer. The plan is to allow the pain subside a little and then do it over again, and again, and again….

On the up side, I’ve even been out for a few gentle miles to test the waters without major repercussions. It’s true that such progress as there has been, has been stupefyingly slow. I jog at 10 or 11 minute miles and, because I’ve put on a few pounds, I feel like an uncoordinated blimp. I can recognise the my perceptions and actuality are probably very far apart, but that’s the way it feels.

Onwards through the, (slightly pudgy but increasingly optimistic), fog…


3 thoughts on “Fingers of Steel

  1. Good luck with the (ongoing) issue. I had a neuroma in my foot for 4 months recently and no “regular” medicine or treatment was working. I got recommended “microcurrent” to break down the scar tissue and after three treatments I’m back running again. May not work for every ailment but I’d do it again.

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