Clonakilty Ploddin’

The Mean Streets of Clonakilty

As one last gesture in the direction of ‘kickin-it’ I think I’ll go to Clonakilty on Saturday for their marathon. I have to be honest with myself and know that I’m not in the shape to run really quickly there, but I just can’t resist the urge to run hard just one more time before the end of the year. If I could duplicate my Sixmilebridge time I’d be more than happy. A stretch goal would be to get under 2:50…possible I suppose, but unlikely. The main goal is to have a little fun.

I hear it’s a hilly one but that doesn’t really worry me to be honest. We all have to cover the same ground. In the short to medium term, I’m determined to shake myself out of my recent lethargy and get a lot fitter than I have been this year. Although it’s frightening to think so, the Connemara Ultra is only three and a bit months away and if that race doesn’t motivate me nothing will. I have loads of new training options swimming around in my head and I’ll have to make some of them real.

A three-stage plan is begining to form in my head;

  1. Run Clonakilty as best I’m able.
  2. Recover for two weeks.
  3. Train like stink for the Connemara 39.3 Ultra

Let’s get part one done this weekend and then concentrate on phase two and three of the big plan…


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