Time To Get Back

It’s been too long since I posted.

Thankfully, I’ve been both running and writing since I last posted here . Unfortunately, I haven’t been running as much as other years and none of the writing I’ve been doing has ended up on here. Even though I haven’t run as many miles this year as before, I have run plenty of marathons –  ten or eleven so far.At least I hav’t sunk into complete sloth and self-absorbsion.

Despite my scaled-down training, I’ve enjoyed my running a lot over the last 10 months or so. Unusually for me, I didn’t find any real competitive focus after the Connemara Ultra in April. I had changed jobs in March and that move brought with it it’s own pressures and distractions. I tried to carry on as before, but it didn’t quite work. As a result, I trained enough to run fairly well without running really well. Not a disaster I suppose.

On the personal front, I had some tough times over the summer months that are hopefully behind me now. For a while, I found it hard to care much about sport and I ran more from habit than desire or design. For a while, I wondered if I’d ever get back to any sort of balance. After an early moning sit at a local meditation center, I noticed the words ‘It Will Pass’ pained neatly onto an outside wall. I snapped the words onto my phone and straight away made the picture my ‘wallpaper’ and ‘screensaver’. Looking back, it seems like that moment was when I stared to come out of the funk I had allowed myself to sink into. Being constantly reminded that no much trouble you feel you have, that it will all go away at some stage, was a real help.


Hopefully the funk has passed. I have enough trouble with fog without trying runningthroughfunk 🙂


4 thoughts on “Time To Get Back

  1. Glad you’re back buddy. I’ve been concerned that you hadn’t been taking us along on your fog running. Sometimes life kicks you in the butt, and being a long distance runner teaches us that the bad patches will improve and it never ALWAYS gets worse. The Funk 100k is a difficult race, but I know you’ll give it your best shot like you always have done and always know you have a lot of friends you don’t really ever know you have. Like in a race, work on the things you can control and let the other things fall where they may. Run long and strong mate – AL D.

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