Where Am I …?

Happy Days - Clifden

It’s been a strange few months, what with my new-found, chilled-out, cool-dude attitude to training, a new job that just refuses to behave and lots of other personal stuff going down – I kinda haven’t got a clue where I stand fitness wise. I seem to be running in quite a few races without really being competitive and I seem to have lost any little focus that I generally have. What harm I suppose?

The Connemara 100 miler looms large in my future in the second weekend in August and I’ve said I’ll run it. Friends have asked how my training is going and I’m normally too embarrassed to tell them that I haven’t been doing any ultra training really. My weights sit unused in the shed and my weighted vest is safe from all harm in the utility room. It hasn’t been all doom and gloom, but that’s the difficulty, I can’t sort out the positive from the negative.

On the positive side, I’ve done plenty of long running. I’ve done seven races of marathon length or longer this year, with five sub-three marathons amongst them. On the weekends that I haven’t been in a race I’ve generally run 20 miles or longer. I haven’t done much speedwork, and very few short races, but when I have pressed the ‘speed button’ there seems to be a decent response. I’ve got the usual aches and pains that come with the territory, but am thankfully injury free. That sounds ok, doesn’t it?


On the negative side, I’ve been averaging around 45 – 55 miles a week for the last three months. I’ve been sick twice and I bombed out of the Portumna 50km – my first ever DNF. Portumna was also the second ‘bad’ ultra of the year and not an experience I want to repeat any time soon. I have this newly discovered consciousness about compulsive training which doesn’t help get me out the door when I’m knackered, cranky and it’s raining. That sounds dodgy doesn’t it.

I suppose I’ll do what I normally do and take it as it comes. What choice do I have anyway? I can’t imagine sitting at home and wondering how the event went this year.

Will I make it back to Clifden in time for pizza this year?

Ohhhh. Hard to call.



3 thoughts on “Where Am I …?

  1. maciek

    Mick, the problem is, you don`t really need ultra training, because ultra training is for people, and you are in different category…:) it will be nice to meet you in Clifden! Maciek

  2. niamh

    With scenery like that and knowing that you have done it before ( i read your article on it last year!)i’m sure that you’ll love every minute of it.

    I have just had baby number three and for me a 5k would be an ultra at the moment.
    Hammer the roads and breath Mick.

    Oh and enjoy the pizza!

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