Restart, Stutter, Pause, Stumble, Hmmmm….

Do I Have a Horse Outside ?


Getting back onto my post-Helsinki metaphorical horse has proven more difficult that I had hoped or imagined.  All of my post race soreness resolved more quickly that I could have dared to hope for – with the important exception of my right shin, which is just refusing to cooperate. Three times now I’ve waited a while for it to heal up – so that I was moving easily and without any discomfort – only for the pain to flare up again dramatically after a mile of so of my ‘comeback’ run. 

Of course most runners have been through these hoops many times before – wanting to run, itching to run, waiting patiently to be able to run – but ultimately not being able to run. I think I’m slightly better at managing this process than I have been in the past. I don’t think I get anything like as upset or as cranky as would have been the case four of five years ago. Whether my improved attitude is as a result  advancing years or because I might finally be learning some patience is quite difficult to tell.

Psychologically, I think I’m finally over the disappointment of not running well in Finland. Apart from anything else, I was starting to annoy and bore myself. Whether I had sunk fully into self-pity more is perhaps best for others to judge, but I know I have to take whatever positives I can from the experience at this point and move on.

For the moment I have to be patient with my unco-operative shin. I’ve started back lifting a few weights and, in the absence of my metaphorical horse, I’ll jump up on my bike today and try that for size.

It’s not a run, but it’s not moping around with a face like a well-smacked arse either. 


One thought on “Restart, Stutter, Pause, Stumble, Hmmmm….

  1. Mick Hanney

    Best of luck Mick getting back on the horse, so to speak. Your writing is as ever dead on and captures the moments from the 24h race vividly. Races like this make you appeciate all the more the crews behind you and those races were things go well I’m sure.

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