The Rocky Road


Dublin 2007 - On The Way To A PB

In ten days time I’ll be in Dublin to run my home town marathon and I’m really looking forward to the run. For me, Dublin is where it all started. As well as being born and raised in the city it was where I started to run. In 1999 I ran my first Dublin City Marathon and my life has changed since that day. As I’ve moved away from Dublin since that time I must return on a running pilgrimage of sorts each year to renew my vows on the streets of Dublin.

For ten years between 1999 and 2008 I took my place on the starting line in Dublin. Some of those years I ran well and others I didn’t but each and every run was special to me. Having spent a childhood and mis-spent a youth on these streets a part of me will never leave Dublin no matter how far I might travel. These are the pubs that I used to drink in, the offices where I’ve pretended to work and the corners of the carparks I visited on the way home from the pubs. As I run through the city there are, quite literally, memories around every corner. Given the fact that so many important moments in my life are associated with the city, and the fact that I find marathon running such an emotional experience the Dublin City Marathon will always be important to me.

I silently swore that I’d never miss Dublin. That no matter how sick, injurred or decrepit I became that I’d crawl back each October and cover the course. When my wife told me that she was pregnant last year I was thrilled, but when I realised she was due to give birth the week of the marathon I was less happy. To her eternal credit, even she made the link, although I have to admit I think she was less concerned about the conflict that I was. It was a situation from which there was no escape and so I hope to return this year to run my eleventh ‘DCM’ in twelve years and I can’t wait.

I suppose it’s a Dub thing so you might not understand but wish me luck anyway.

No fog in Dublin.


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