Project 140 – Update 2

Salthill Promenade c1905

I’ve fallen behind with updates to this blog and that frustrates me, because I like to keep things up to date. If that’s a negative, the positive is that training has been going even better than I could have hoped it would. Over the last two weeks, I’ve maintained weekly mileage in the 70 – 80 range. Managing to maintain reasonable milage is one thing, but more satisfying  by far is to have improved the quality of almost every one of my regular sessions week on week. My tempos are a little perkier, my hill reps are a tad faster and my recovery is more complete between hard sessions. Having moaned so much when I was off the roads a few weeks back, it’s great to be on the other side of the fence now and making progress. Long may it continue. The one small regret I’ve had has been that I have not trained as consistently as I would like with weights – proof if it were needed at all that even the most carefully laid plans are hard to follow.

Although Project 140 is all about focussing my energies into one big effort in a twenty-four hour event. Having said that, I absolutely must have interim targets. I’ve never been able to train for months on end without the immediate feedback that races provide. As a way of taking stock of where I am at this early stage, I took part in the Galway Bay Half Marathon yesterday.  Given my patchy training over the last two months, I couldn’t have had any major ambitions to run a fast time – which is just as well because conditions were difficult. A strong wind whipped off Galway Bay and into the faces of runners as they made their way along the promenade in Salthill. Everyone seemed to struggle over the two lap course to maintain their usual tempo. Having started at a reasonably conservative pace, I struggled towards the end but was happy in the end with a time of 1:21:25 and 6th place. It wasn’t a high quality field by any means but was an enjoyable event nonetheless.

Today, with the race in my legs, I wondered if I’d get my long run done. Thankfully, I didn’t feel sore at all but my energy was low. In the end I got just over 19 miles done at 7:20 mins/mile pace. What gratified me the most was that I was able to finish the run strongly, throwing in a couple of 6:40’s at the end. My next staging post will be the Dublin Marathon on the 25th October – my favourite race of all. In my heart I know that I won’t be in the shape to run well in Dublin, and, because I intend to train through the race, I certainly won’t threaten my personal best time of 2:46 set at the same race a few years back. I am however really, really looking forward to running the streets of the city where I was born, bred and buttered once again.

The show is back on the road and for the meantime there’s progress being made.

Mon Sept 13th

7.31 easy

Tues Sept 14th

Mile Intervals on Grass x 4 (7.6 total)

Weds Sept 15th

7.4 steady

Thur Sept 16th

10.4 easy

Fri Sept 17th

8.6 easy

pm – weights

Sat Sept 18th

am – 5.3 easy, pm – 8 tempo

Sun Sept 19th

10.61 easy

Mon Sept 20th

7.1 easy

Tues Sept 21st

600m intervals on grass X 7, (8.85 miles in total)

Weds Sept 22nd

am – 10 easy,  pm – 7 easy

Thurs Sept 23rd

No run – sore ankle.

pm – weights

Fri Sept 24th

Hill repeats x 10, (10.3 miles in total)

Sat Sept 25th

6.5 very easy

Sun Sept 26th

Trail run – 19 miles steady

Mon Sept 27th

9.7 steady

pm – weights

Tues Sept 28th

600m grass intervals x 10, (9.6 miles in total)

Weds Sept 29th

am – 9 steady, pm 5 easy

Thurs Sept 30th

8 easy

Fri Oct 1st

7.7 very easy

Sat Oct 2nd

Race – half-marathon 1:21:25 + 2 mile warm up

Sun Oct 3rd

19.1 long easy run




5 thoughts on “Project 140 – Update 2

  1. Glad you’re back Mike. Keep that Common Sense thing foremost in your mind. Good luck @ Dublin. I ran that back in ’01, 6 weeks after the 9/11 attacks here in the States. The Irish folks could not have been nicer to me, knowing I was American. That will always be a joyous memory. Oh yeah, and my time in the Temple Bar District – love that Guiness!

    1. Al – I’m really glad you got a warm welcome. Dublin is a really lovely race. A chance to run hard but also a chance to swap war stories, exchange handshakes and a few hugs. A wonderful stage for us runners to do what we do best.

  2. Deirdre

    Are you still thinking about doing the hundred miles of trail in US next year, Mick? I’ll have to get an Athenry AC offroad project going when I get back!
    Trail marathon report still pending…

    1. Deirdre – Absolutely – a trail run next year will be my major project for the year. I can already see the t-shirts for your new group AOP – The Athenry Offroad Project. I hope to be wearing one. When are you back?

      1. Dee H

        Hey Mick,
        Am back in mid November – week after the NY marathon. Just in time to miss the intercounty cross and hit the club Christmas party. I like the t-shirt idea…need to get the maps out to find some offroad now.

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