Needle In The Groove

Connemara 2003 - 3:30 Pace Group


There’s something really comforting about getting back into your standard running routine – getting the needle back in the groove.  Having had a break from that routine with the 100 miler in August and then a post race injury I’m in the perfect frame of mind to enjoy just getting out and doing some quiet miles in good company. There’s been a distinctly autumnal feeling in the air each day for my lunchtime run, as summer memories begin to fade and thoughts turn towards the Dublin Marathon and beyond. Having committed myself to one last throw of the ultra dice, I can’t worry too much about running fast in Dublin, but it’s so so nice to be back in the familiar groove of training in September with thoughts of marathon running in Dublin rolling around in my head. All I have to concern myself with now is enjoying the process. 

I’ve always know that I enjoy training more than racing, or at the very least that I enjoy the two disciplines very differently. Even though I can sometimes fall into the ego-trap of getting overly competitive and get things out of perspective, I know as well that I’m usually at my happiest training quietly on small roads. When I make the mistake of worrying too much about questions of ‘how far?’ or ‘how fast?’, I run the risk of forgetting about the basic pleasures of just running because it feels good and because it’s good for my head – all the rest is jam. I should know that by now. 

Fog lifting a little. 


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