Project 140 – Update 1

My Left Foot

I have to be thankful for small mercies and slow starts, because, at least a start is a start. After a fashion I’m back on the road. Six steady miles this evening has allowed me to hope that I’ve managed to leave my injury behind. Those six miles give me a grand total of about fourteen for the week – more than I would have thought possible last Monday. I took my first very tentative running steps back last Wednesday and I’ve been easing slowly back into action since then. I’m hoping that with a little luck I’ll be able to gradually resume normal training over the next week.

I’m setting an interim target of being fit enough to get around the Dublin Marathon in six weeks time, but I’ll obviously only do so if it’s safe to do so.

So, in terms of documenting each and every training session from the low point of my first ‘Project 140’ post, this is what I’ve done since then;

30th August

Weights – Bench Press, Abdominals, Biceps, Triceps (All upper body as leg still sore)

3rd September

Weights – Bench Press, Abdominals, Shoulder Press, Biceps, Incline Bench Press  (All upper body as leg still sore)

4th September

Weights – Abdominals, Biceps, Shoulder Press, Triceps, Incline Bench Press, Lateral Raises (All upper body as leg still sore)

06th September

Weights – Bench Press, Biceps, Squats, Bent Over Row, Good Mornings

08th September

Run – Easy 2 Miles

10th September

Weights – Bench Press, Abdominals, Biceps, Squats, Good Mornings

Run – Easy 2.75 miles

11th September

Run – Easy 4 .5 miles

12th September

Weights – Triceps, Shoulder Press, Lateral Raises, Squats, Fly

Run – Easy 6.1 miles


3 thoughts on “Project 140 – Update 1

  1. Be careful with your comeback Mike. In my Physical Therapy practice, I see many athletes come back to quickly and before you know it, they’re back on the injury wagon. If you need any long-distance therapy advice, feel free to contact me:

    1. Al – Thanks for your concern, I really appreciate the thought. Like many other runners I often struggle with balancing what I know to be right approach and what my legs want me to do. Thankfully, as I grow a little older, common sense wins out more often that not. Having said all that, I really hope I keep on doing the odd stupid thing.

  2. darren houston

    Good to see you are definitely making progress Mick.Any injury is soul destroying,i understand the eagerness to get back out there.I have surgery at the end of this month for another hernia,so i will be ‘chompin at the bit’ for a few months at least ! Roll on December when i can start getting the miles in again.Run long.

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