Optimism Vs Experience

Mr.Johnson Examies His Training Log

Samuel Johnson reportedly described the re-marriage of an acquaintance, following an earlier unhappy marriage, as the “triumph of hope over experience” and I think I’m in a similar situation today.

Before anyone panics, most specifically my wife, I’m not in the market for re-marriage just yet, but I am just about to start running again after just about three weeks off the road. I feel like I’m about to throw myself into the arms of a lover that beat me up and left me for dead the last time we met.  My most recent injury has been the most painful I’ve ever had to work through and yet it seems to have completely subsided, from the ‘I can’t hardly walk’  point to ‘injury, what injury?’ in just three or four days. Two nights ago I did some very light lower leg weights to test the waters and I’ve suffered no ill effects thus far.  Emboldened by this flimsy evidence that I’m completely cured I shall head back onto the road today.

One of the risks foremost in my mind here is that I’ll be running on an unhealed stress fracture.

Project 140 could either take a great leap backwards or stumble tentatively forwards. Who knows?

What could possibly go wrong?


4 thoughts on “Optimism Vs Experience

  1. I doubt it’s a stress fracture. Would that not have come up in the scan?

    But I’m glad to see that things seem to be improving all of a sudden. Good luck with the rest of your training. Your ambitious goal deserves a bit of good fortune.

  2. Mike – be careful. I’m a Physical Therapist and injuries are not like a light switch…either you’re injured or you’re not. Even though you feel better, you’re still healing and you’re teetering on the fence of recovery. Take it slow. I tell my running patients “You can train TO discomfort, but NEVER pain”. As it is with all us ultra guys, the road is long, but there’s always a finish line. Good luck – Al D.

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