It’s All Up From Here…

Ah Fer Feck Sake!

Having had a week of complete rest, my left shin injury is worse today than it has ever been. When I stopped running a week ago it was a sore spot on the front of the shin, now I walk with difficulty. Despite comforting words from my physio that I shouldn’t fear the worst, this looks and feels very much like a stress fracture to me. Only time will tell, and perhaps I’ll be back on the road in a week, but I really can’t see that from where I sit this afternoon. Whatever transpires, I know it won’t be the end of the world and that I’ll have no choice but to take my metaphorical medicine, however I’m allowing myself this one moany, self-indulgent post before I get some sense and pull myself together. At least for once I’m not looking back regretfully and asking myself why I stupidly continued to train on a niggling injury. At the first sign of a problem I stopped running and tried to fix it, but I may still have been too late. Enough said – my leg is banjaxed for the moment, I’ll have to deal with that as best I can. 

The fog is thick today.


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