Back To Earth

Back To Earth

It’s good to race, but perhaps even nicer to get back into the comfortable groove of training having raced well. The Connemara 100 was a great boost to my confidence and a beautiful experience, but it’s done and dusted now. The next item on my personal running agenda is easing slowly back to a training groove – making sure to allow for a good recovery given the pounding my body and spirit took in the ‘100’. As soon as I crossed the line in Clifden I felt a surge of relief pass through me and this sense has remained with me in the days since the race.

It’s only in retrospect that I can see how nervous and uptight I was going into the race. That might not have been an altogether bad thing as I seem to respond well to that type of self-imposed pressure. I’ve been blown away by all of the messages of congratulation since the race. There are so many generous people out there and I greatly appreciate the support and kindness I’ve been shown. For a little race with just eleven runners and perhaps 30- 40 crew and officials, it sure managed engaged a lot of people’s attention. It was an epic adventure and I’ll remember those fourteen and a half hours for a long time.

With the race behind me and no immediate plans for another big effort in the short term, I can relax and rebuild both body and spirit. I think I need it. I know that I need to be really careful in terms of how quickly I return to training. Earlier this year I attempted a hard weights  session just one day after a hard race and ended up feeling incredibly tired for about two weeks afterwards. I don’t believe that it was the race that did the damage but rather trying to lift weights 24 hours after a long hard run. It was lunacy.

I havn’t run or trained in any way since last Saturday but have scheduled my first run back for lunchtime today. I feel ready to go again. I wonder how long that will last.

Onwards through the fog.


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