No Going Back Now


Passing Killary - Connemara 100, 2009 - Copyright Philip Magnier


I’ve been in this place before and usually it all turns out to be ‘alright on the night’. Quite often the things that actually go wrong are things that I never even considered before the race. Who knows, perhaps this will be the one time when it all comes together perfectly and I glide effortlessly over the course to arrive smiling in Clifden tomorrow evening. We’ll see.

My Odyessy starts this evening with the three hour drive from where I work to the race hotel in Clifden. I won’t mind the driving as I spend a lot anyway and normally find it relaxing. There was a fantastic atmosphere of friendship and mutual support at this event last year and I’m hoping to be able draw on some of that again this year. I’ll try to update this blog as soon as I can after the event with information of how it all worked out for me and for anyone else I can find out about. I’m sure that full race results will be available on the official site very soon after the 30 hour cut-off passes.

Here goes. Once more into the fog.


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