Connemara 100 Revisited

Feeling Some Pain - Connemara 100 2009 - Copyright Philip Magnier
Feeling Some Pain - Connemara 100 2009 - Copyright Philip Magnier

On Saturday morning next, at 06.00am,  I’ll be lining up for the Connemara 100 Mile road race It’s the second year that this event has taken place and I was there last year as well. (Report here) Twelve months ago, taking part in this race was a huge leap into the unknown for me but I’m hoping that the experience gained last year in Connemara will help me along what will without doubt be a tough day’s running.  The route begins in Clifden and then winds around in big lazy loops through some of the most beautiful countryside anywhere in the world. Although the route surrounds mountains and valleys it’s not exceptionally hilly. Although it’s not always easy to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings, especially when you’ve run a long way, it is certainly the most beautiful setting for an ultramarathon race that I’ve ever come accross.

Joanne Fearon - Connemara 100 - 2009

My training for this has gone reasonably well, although I’ve run slightly fewer miles in preparation for this race than I did last year. For the first time ever I’ve done a fair amount of strength training and I’m hoping that any additional strength I’ve built will compensate for the smaller number of  miles on the road. There’s no way of knowing for sure if I’ve done the right thing until I run. I’m always nervous in advance of a big effort like this. Even though I know from experience that, all going well, I’ll get to the end somehow, it might not go well and whatever happens, it’s going to hurt. I suppose that if it were easy, there’d be no point.

The race starts in Clifden at 06.00am and, if I can keep it together, I’ll be back to where I started before the pubs close. Although I’ve, quite literally, been down this road before, it frightens me just a little to think about it. It’ll be fun, but hard earned fun.

Wish me (and everyone else who’s running or crewing) some luck!

Before The Start of The Connemara 100 - 2009

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