Run Hard Through That Hot Wind

Loughrea Lake - Great for Soaking The Legs


Sometimes the fog seems thicker than others and I’m still struggling to get back my usual enthusiasm for the daily routine of training and recovery but I’m hoping that I’ll get there soon. If I’m not careful this will turn into a very depressing Blog, but there you have it that’s the way it’s been. If nothing else twenty-one miles between Athenry and Loughrea on Sunday at least served to fill a gap in the training log. 


I managed to use quiet country roads for a part of the way and I enjoyed the solitude. I was spoken to only twice on the entire run and on both occasions it was memorable. After only a couple of miles I came across a friendly woman on her bike who advised me sagely that, ‘There’s heat in that wind!’. I had to agree with her, but I never would have thought of putting it in those precise terms. A few miles later, a farmer who had been talking with a neighbour through the window of a parked car, spotted me coming from a long way off and when I passed, he advised me to ‘Run hard!’ Good solid advice, from a man who looked like he hadn’t run himself in quite a few years. 

I have to say that I was genuinely heartened to receive a raft of positive and helpful replies to my last post about the possibility of my running a trail 100 miler in the US next year.  Although running is in many ways a selfish sport – the ultimate ‘experiment of one’ – I’ve never found that runners are in any way selfish themselves. Whenever I’ve asked for guidance or assistance on any topic like this I’ve always been humbled by the generosity of the response. People are naturally and rightly proud of their local races and, thankfully, are not usually slow to tell you just how wonderful an experience taking part in them is. I hope I can repay the kindnesses received at some point. Thank you. 

Onwards through the hopefully parting fog.


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