The Downside of Not Being Injured…

A Tired Runner - Just After Finishing Portumna

I’ve been trying to convince myself otherwise, but I seem to be right in the middle of a running slump. Anyone who knows me well will verify that this is an unusual situation for me to find myself in. Usually, I’m straining at the leash, full of hopes and plans and ready to roll out on a good long run. For the past two weeks, since the Portumna 50km in fact, I’ve been lethargic and almost careless about my running. In the week directly after the 50km I trained reasonably well with nearly 70 miles and a gym session done, but for the last seven days I’ve been lazy and demotivated. I have had some minor injury niggles to look after, but nothing too serious, and I took the opportunity to ‘rest’ my sore shins all too easily. I looked through my training log recently and found that I’ve run over 22,000 miles in the last 8 years, 99.9% of which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed – so, when I find that I’m as happy to stay at my desk for lunch as I would be going for a run I surprise even myself. Let’s hope it’s just a passing thing – I feel sure it will be. Fingers crossed.

 I was in Santry this weekend for the National Track and Field Champs and it was truly impressive to see Gary Thornton of Galway City Harriers knocking off 70 and 71 second laps in the 10,000m (29:18). The race amounted to a time trial for Gary as he ran the entire distance on his own and lapped many of the other runners numerous times. My own club mate Paul Hession was in a class of his own in the 200m and seems to be coming into the right sort of form at the right time for the European Champs in Barcelona. It was nice to be able to sit there and watch Paul and Gary take their respective events by the scruff of the neck, but then again perhaps that’s part of my ‘slump’. Why wasn’t I desperate to be out running rather than watching? Of course, I know I’m not a good enough athlete to compete at a National Track and Field Championships, but that shouldn’t prevent me from wanting to be out there. This time I was happy enough in the stands – let’s hope that changes soon.


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