This Too Shall Pass…


Connemara Night Marathon 2009

One of the various reason I use to encourage myself along during a long race, or to get out of the door on those race occasions when I don’t really feel like it, is the sure knowledge that I will not be able to do this forever. I know that my running days are numbered. We all know in our hearts that we have a finite time to enjoy this life but sometimes we forget and live as if we’re immortal. When I’m lucky enough to be out on the road, whether it’s for a race or on a training run,  I sometimes project ahead and think of the days to come when running will no longer be a part of what I do. This might sound a little bit unnecessarily morbid or negative, but I really don’t see it that way. I actually see such thoughts as being a weird kind of positivity – a positivity based on reality. Because I know that everything around me is temporary, no matter how concrete it may appear, I hope I can fully appreciate the moments as they pass by.

I spent all of yesterday and part of the day before in hospital looking after one of my children, who. thankfully is recovering well. It was a learning experience to be there among so many people who are struggling with their health and also to see at first hand the work of the professionals who dedicate their working lives to helping others.  Realising my own fragility doesn’t make me want to wrap myself or my children up in metaphorical cotton wool – neither does it inspire me to be reckless with my personal well-being – but it does make me want to relish each day that I can get out on the road and to ensure that I see the world pass by as I run.


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